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This entire project has been funded by individual supporters and foundations devoted to justice, fairness and equality.

We have been blessed to have two remarkable — and remarkably generous! — anonymous donors. You know who you are and how grateful we continue to be. The ongoing support of these wonderful human beings has made the entire production and distribution of IN GOOD CONSCIENCE a reality.

We have received incredible generosity on many other fronts, including a timely grant from our executive producer Tom Fontana.

Patrons such as Susan Sarandon, Ellen DeGeneres, Deborah Santana, Agnes Gund & Daniel Shapiro, Trudie Styler, The van Ameringen Foundation, and The Goodman Foundation have fueled the development, shooting and editing of this work, providing critical support to help us complete it.

We’ve also received generous individual support from hundreds of people who were determined to see this film made.

Thank you all!

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