In Good Conscience

“This gripping documentary is a must-see.” - TimeOut NY

July 11, 2014

We’re hard at work in the edit room on the 10th anniversary edition of our award-winning film IN GOOD CONSCIENCE! Thank you to Kathleen Treat of Speranza Foundation for key support underwriting editing expenses. Other major funding from H. van Ameringen Foundation, Deborah Santana, and Agnes Gund.

Here is a scene we’re working on that audiences over the years have told us is a favorite!

And thank you to these grassroots donors committed to the power of story:
Beth Howard, Eleanor Strauss, Vincent Fedor, Michael Herron, Alison Morley, Margaret Heffernan, Catherine O’Mara, Peter Capozzi, Alecia Moss, Jacqueline Blea, Clare Donovan, Joan & Don Rick, Alice Look, Susan Lettieri, Beth Reed, Jerry & Lynn Gage, Carolyn Ellman, Peter Chaly, Mira Peck, Gail Tomarchio.
Please join us.

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