In Good Conscience

What People Are Saying

“Excellent.. absorbing... enormous charm...”

“A freedom fighter on the frontlines of the cultural wars.. ...this gripping documentary by Barbara Rick is a must-see.”
TimeOut NY

“...receiving standing ovations.”
LA Times

“Every bit as good as Fahrenheit 911... if not better!”
Larry Kramer, Act Up founder

“A heartening story of courage and integrity..
Sister Jeannine is the kind of Catholic
who makes lapsed ones reconsider.”
Don Roos, Writer/Director, ‘Happy Endings’
2005 Sundance Opening Night Film

“A wonderful film about a sensational human being.”
Terrence McNally, American Dramatist

“A humble beacon for truth.”
Between the Lines, Michigan’s Weekly Newspaper


“Feisty and faithful... extraordinar... touching”
New York Blade

“Courageous... fabulous storytelling... a masterpiece...
The most insightful & motivational film
so far on the Catholic Church.”
Barbara Kopple, two time Academy Award winner

“This cinema-verite journey of faith sprinkled with purpose and good humor will compel you to examine the lengths that you would go for what you believe in.”
Silverdocs: AFI/Discovery Documentary Festival

“...superbly told and deeply inspiring.
Brilliant & profoundly important work.”
Michael Kelly, Australia’s leading gay Catholic activist

“a Godzilla silk glove punch.”
— lesbian activist

“The voice the Vatican could not silence...”

“This is the story of a 61-year-old nun with inclinations
toward Birkenstocks and Jane Fonda videos...
a knack for incurring the concentrated fury
of the Catholic hierarchy in Rome.”

“fascinating... remarkable... an inspiration to everyone.”

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